CHAPTER 3 – Third part


When I woke I was lying in a large transparent tube made of something similar to glass and I was soaking in a clear blue gel. Startled, I trashed my arms blindly seeking purchase, and I went under, losing my breath. Blood throbbed in my ears. My vision swam. Then a pair of strong arms grabbed me, and made me resurfaced. With my head out of the gel, I gasped and restarted to breath, but I was still spooked. Miral, the gentle dark haired alien that I’ve already met before in the laboratory in the desert, was there beside me, speaking in a calming voice –All is well. This is the capsule in which you will sleep during the voyage. There is no danger here, I promise. The krishnati crystal have healing qualities that will purify your body. You don’t have to be afraid, you can breathe through them without problem.

His tone had the power to slow the beating of my heart, but my brain wasn’t so easily reassured. I looked around myself and was horrified to discover that the room harbored a sea of large tubs, like the one I was in, each filled with a sparkling-clear, gel-like substance in which the other human women were floating, apparently asleep. Through the gel they appeared so pale….like zombie. A shiver of fear shook my body. There wasn’t enough air in this room for me, there wasn’t enough air in that horrible tank! -I don’t want to be locked in this tube!- I was whining, a thing I normally hated in others and never did myself, but I’ didn’t have a choice in the matter. The occasion demanded it. I didn’t have the strength to free myself, but maybe if I arouse the alien’s pity I stood a chance. Or so I thought. In reality I could have shut up for all the good it did. Miral didn’t dignify her sentence with a response, but concentrated his gaze on her eyes, robbing her of every energy. She felt her breath and pulse slow, and couldn’t stay above the surface of the gel anymore. She couldn’t combat, couldn’t talk. While the gel infiltrated her nose and her mouth her last conscious thought was of the alien with only one eye. Would he be there to greet her when she would wake? And then she began to dream…

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CHAPTER 3 – Second part


When I finally reached the site of the starship, near Las Vegas, I was excited. I could not wait to be in the presence of the aliens, because I’ve missed them acutely. And I was curious to meet the others women, my companions for this adventure, and, I hoped, my future friends. I also wanted to see the spacecraft that would got to be my house for the duration of the journey. I have imagined something spectacular, incredible, almost beyond human imagination, so I felt terribly left down when I finally looked at it. All I could think was: OMG It’s just like the Enterprise! No kidding!

In the last three years I have auditioned for every role available in every tv show or film, so also in Star trek Enterprise and Star trek the film, J. J. Abrams version. I’ve never won the role, but I’ve been on the set, and seen many images of the Enterprise, the famous Star trek spaceship, and the spaceship of the aliens, was very similar. Almost identical, only in black instead of white! There could be three explanations for this fact. One, the creator of the tv series was a genius with advanced technological knowledge ahead of his time, but I didn’t think so. Two, the creator of the show was an alien in disguise that needed to make money for reasons not known. Or, three, the creator was human but knows the aliens, was in contact with them and knew something of their technology, because they left him know, for some mysterious purpose, maybe just to laugh.

Just looking at that spaceship was uncanny, but when an alien teleported himself out of it, appearing in front of me, exactly in the same way of Star trek’s teleportation, it became surreal. I felt like I was in a Star trek film!

-Uau, just like Spock! –said a voice behind me. It belonged to a young woman, tall and blond, that had a trolley with her. She was probably one of the other women chosen by the aliens.

-Yeah –I said –And he had the same ears too!

-You’re right! You’re absolutely right. – She laughed and offered her hand

– Please to meet you, I’m Sally.

I shook it eagerly -I’m Laura. Happy to meet you too – Are we the first women to arrive here?

-Oh no, the others are already here, some of them came days ago from distant cities, countries or continents. You are the last of us. Now we are finally ready to go. Here they are, see?

A group of women was coming towards us. We were only one hundred, a small number, but being among them…we seem a very large crowd. Fortunately the starship was huge. As I looked at my companions I noticed immediately that they were of various ethnic origins and that most of them were very young, in their twenties at most. Some seemed even younger. I was going to be one of the older ones, I could see, only five or six women of my age. It made sense if you thought about it. The aliens were recruiting women for reproduction purpose, so they need females with many fertile years ahead of them. The exceptions, like me, have been chosen, probably only because of their precious genetics. Great, I was going to be one of the ancient ones.

Just while I was having this humbling thoughts one of the aliens came toward us. It was the blond one, the one I’ve seen with Obama and later in the laboratory. He was still breathtaking, with eyes so glacial, you can almost feel physically his disdain for us. He had this superior air about him, like we were not worthy of him, but in its magnanimity he was going to grant us an inch of attention, so we should have been grateful for it. But this time he seemed less cruel looking to me, because of the scary alien that was with him. This one was humongous, taller and more muscular, a fit that would seemed impossible to me, if I wasn’t seeing it with my own eyes. He had violet-blue long air, and a scar shaped like a half moon marring one half of his perfect face. He had only one eye, his color between fair grey and light violet, it was difficult to tell because of the constant vortex in it and of the distance. They stop before reaching us, maintaining a significant distance, and the blond one started to speak in perfect English: Greeting chosen ones. We are embarking on a long journey that we hope will bear important fruits for all of us. I am Rhashan M’rok Dah Zulhun and this is our captain Keiron A’krab Dah A’krab. It will be our responsibility transporting all of you safely to our planet and given the long duration of the trip, you will be placed in special capsules in which you will comfortably sleep.

-I don’t wanna be sedated.- said Sally who was still beside me. She was right. We all wanted to mingle and to interact with the aliens, during the journey, it was normal. You know, getting to know each other, before doing the did. We weren’t machine where you push a button and here it comes the baby. We were eager to collaborate, but still, a little foreplay and intimacy would have been appreciated.

The aliens looked at each other, then the captain started walking towards us. Immediately I understand why they had maintained that distance before. He was only four step closer, but my body was allready on fire. Some of the girls were on their knees, others were convulsing on the concrete. I started to pant.

-You are not ready to withstand our proximity, as you can see. The use of the capsule if entirely for ensure you’re wellbeing.- he said in a gravelly voice.

On step closer, and my uterus began to cramp. I gritted my teeth against the pain. Ok, maybe he was right, we weren’t ready for this, I thought before passing out.

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CHAPTER 3 – First part


 The starship


I was secure in my decision to go away with the aliens. I had no doubts. Not one. I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life. There was a new beginning waiting for me on a distant planet and I couldn’t wait to start living it. I was happy to go, serene, calm… So I really didn’t understand why all the people I knew thought I was acting crazy. They looked at me like you would look at a lunatic without a cause. I was doing a logical thing, at least from my point of you. I had no living family and nobody who depended on me on Earth, I was free to go where I want, and I wanted to go into space, what was their problem?


The queens of Zone Lander were constantly on my case. Every day they arrived in mass at my home to try “to talk some sense into me”, or so they say, while I was busy trying to pack my things for the voyage.  It wasn’t easy to pack for a lifetime! And with five drag queen talking to me at once, always underfoot, was almost impossible.

-You’re freaking me out, girl! Please, snap out of it!- was saying Cleopatra -You don’t want to go, this mad decision was pushed into you by the aliens. The bastards have brainwashed you! I swear I will kill them all, for what they have done to you! I don’t know how, but I will have my revenge, even if I will have to seduce the entire USA’s army and some astronauts to do so!

I rolled my eyes, this was getting old and my patience was running out…quickly -Nobody brainwashed anybody. This is my decision, I have my own mind, thank you so much, I am more than able to think for myself.

-From here, it doesn’t seem so. – was her acerbic response, while Anana came to hug me, crying like a baby –Poor thing, you don’t even know what you’re saying, it’s so terribly sad. Brainwashing means that you don’t know what they have done to you, but they have done it! Nasty aliens!

Ok, Anana was explaining the meaning of something to me… It was official: the world was ending and they taught me a cretin!

-They are more than nasty, they are evil!­ – said Riky with menace in his voice. The owner of Zone Lander was a bear of a man, but a sweet soul, who was incapable to hurt a fly. However in this occasion he seemed really enraged, even Niky, his patner in life, was incapable to calm him. Selene was the only without words, till she said, in a quivering voice –This is all my fault. I will never forgive myself for suggesting to her to go to the meeting with the aliens. I was so curious…. And now she is paying for my sin. It’s not right, I should be the one punished for this, not Laura.

-Oh, Honey, it’s not your fault, the culprits are the aliens!- Pinacolada tried to console her, but Selene was having none of it, and crying silently.

It was all so silly. Really. Nobody was in danger, they were talking like I was going to my death, while this voyage was the best thing that had ever happened to me.

–Stop right now! – I ordered – This is stupid! I don’t need your intervention, I want to go with the aliens, I’m happy, why can’t you accept that? This is my life, not yours!

-Because you’re not acting like yourself!- shouted Cleopatra. –It’s like they gave you an happy pill, and now you’re ready to follow them wherever they go, without question, like a good bitch. Don’t you see? They have changed you, changed your personality… I’ don’t know how…. Maybe with some horrible experiment…They are using you and these other women as guinea pigs! The bastards!

-No, you’re wrong, they care for us. Really. They even tested the women for compatibility with their pheromones, because they don’t want to hurt us.

-Yeah, sure, they are little pure angels… This is why they have assigned to you bodyguards like these! –she said pointing the two men in black that stationed in my living room, that were giving the eye to the drag queens –They don’t want to take the risk of us changing your mind, or of you starting seeing some sense! These gorillas are not here for your protection, but to make sure that you will go with them when the time comes, whether you like it or not!

I didn’t like the sarcastic note in Cleopatra voice, but, before I could say something about it, Selene interrupted her, with eyes intent and clear now. –Hush Cleo, let Laura explain to us this caring side of the extraterrestrials, it’s very interesting, don’t you think? Maybe she is right and we are exaggerating. Tell us about these pheromones, baby.

-Thank you Selene, finally someone that listen to me, instead of treating me like a loony, I’m glad. As I was saying, the aliens are choosing only the women compatible with their DNA and their physiology. Their pheromones can really hurt a female without the right genetic shield, but they are very careful with their selection specifically to spare us any discomfort or difficulty.

-Interesting, this explains why the number of women that will depart with them, is so small. The tv said only one hundred. I didn’t believe it when I heard it, but maybe it’s true, if the requirements they needed are so many. This is good news. What is bad is that you are one of the unfortunate few who have all the requirements…What can you take with you for the voyage?

-What I want, nothing too big like furniture, but all the rest is allright. I won’t need many things with me. Oh, and Oliver will come with me, so I will have to include his bed, his toys…

The face of Anana brightened –Really?

-Of course, did you think I would leave him here?! Never!!!!

-This is the first normal thing you have said today. The real you could have said that, maybe she is still there inside of you, somewhere -said Cleopatra – I’m happy Oliver will be with you, because you will need him, if whatever they had done to you will wear off someday.

-I wish we could do something for you.- said Anana sadly.

-I hate being so powerless!- lamented Cleopatra.


-Me too, but we can’t do anything right now – said Selene looking at the men in black – I think I have an idea….We will help Laura someway…somehow…we will be there for her, I swear and we will render human women safe in the future.

-Ok girls – said Niky –I think it’s time for a group hug, maybe Laura isn’t herself now, but she must feel our love, so that when she’ll need it, she will be able to remember this moment.

The embraced me, all together. And I found my eyes moist. The had nagged at me constantly, made me mad by not accepting my decision…but still they were almost family for me and really cared for me, like I cared for them. I would miss them, I realized only in that moment. Why I didn’t thought about it before now? A part of me didn’t want to leave them. I freezed, and one of the men in black took me out from the group hug. –Miss, the departure will take place in a few hours, we need to get going.

-Sure, sure. –the thought of seeing the aliens again soon, calmed me immediately.

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CHAPTER 2 – Third part

I was helplessly paralyzed as the man’s form drew nearer. His eerie gaze held me immobilized. Sweat broke out onto my forehead as my nipples stabbed upwards and puckered. The giant seemed to notice my body’s reaction for his gaze fell on my chest and he smiled, baring his fangs in a seriously scary fashion. I was an inferno, I was lava, I was heath and in heath for him, against my will. I wasn’t the master of my body anymore, he was.

He was taller and bigger than the other alien, who seem almost subservient to him. They began to talk in their native language, a softly lyrical speech, that I couldn’t appreciate it in my profound distress. Maybe their where talking about me, but I couldn’t even try to read their body language. I was in too much pain. I was excited at a level so high that every cell of my body seemed supersensitized and was hurting like hell.

I tried to look away from the alien, tried desperately to reclaim my body, but I couldn’t. It was as if that giant held all dominion over me. I began panting as a hard shudder worked over my body, scared shitless of these reactions that were not natural at all. My uterus spasmed and a fierce jolt of pain shook me. I whimpered, terrified, as I fell on my knees. My entire body was trembling now and not from pleasure. Both aliens were watching me. The dark haired one, seem a little preoccupied but the other… He was detached and cold, studing me like I was just an insect under his microscope. On the edge of hysteria, unable to endure cramps so strong, I ended up lying supine on the floor, in the throes of continuous spasms that from my belly attached all my body, until the pain became unbearable and I swooned gratefully into oblivion.

When I come to, I was lying on a cot and my body was aching all over. Man, everything hurt. Everything. What had happened to cause every muscle, bone, joint, and nerve ending to throb in pain like this? I couldn’t remember. I knew I must have been in agony to feel like that, but I didn’t remember the pain in itself and didn’t feel it now, only its phantom. The alien in the lab coat, Miral if I remember correctly, observed me with a worried expression. His more muscular companion was gone. He was a scary dude, for what I could remember, I should have felt relief, but all I could feel was a pang of regret.

The alien reached to a bedside table and poured a glass of water from a pitcher I hadn’t seen and handed it to me, looking at me until I took the cool glass and drank.

-How are you feeling? – he asked me.

-Strange, achy, confuse.- I didn’t know what to say with that mysterious pain still throbbing through me and disorientation muddling my mind.

-Physically, are you in pain?

-Not now, but it’s like my body remembers a great pain, of which I can still feel the echo…..Even if I can’t recall it exactly… What happened?

-You had an allergic reaction to our marshal. He belongs to the warrior class and they emit a special brand of pheromones. We all do that, but theirs are more potent. To a human woman they can cause real damage, fortunately your genetics shielded you to the worst effects. You only swooned and were unconscious for three minutes. A record until now. The others candidate remained unconscious far longer. We regret causing you any pain, but it’s a mandatory test for the candidates, to ascertain your resistance to our pheromones. Only the ones that can withstand them, will be capable to survive among us. We can’t risk choosing the wrong persons, not only because they would meet a painful death, but also because we need strong genetic material if we want to give our people a hope to survive. I hope you will forgive us for the discomfort we caused you. It was nothing serious, but still we regret it.

Forgive them? I was feeling lousy, no, I was feeling like crap, it must have been a serious pain… but I didn’t remember it… so maybe it wasn’t so severe. I would remember something very strong… Would I not? So if he said it was nothing, maybe it was. Ouch. Thinking about it, made me feel so confused, and my head was hurting… Miral seemed so sincere, I want to believe him.

-Of course I forgive you.

-I’m glad to hear it – he said, beaming at me, and his smile made me feel good inside. I was hurting but I was happy, strange.

-The result of all your test are positive, your gradient of compatibility with our genetic very high. We need females just like you to save our race. You don’t have any family and are the perfect candidate, I hope you will want to help us.

Poor thing, he was so earnest in his plea.

-Of course I will help you.- I said. I felt so generous and selfless, almost like a saint, in that moment. And it felt good, very good. The more I agreed with the alien, the more good I felt. I wanted to make him happy, to feel great myself. It was addictive this feeling of lightness… The confusion of before has disappeared, now all I could sense was calm and purpose. I simply had to do what the alien want, nothing more, nothing less, to feel good again and again. And I loved to feel good. I was behaving like a dumb blond, which I was not. Normally. What was happening to me?But even while I was asking myself that, I realized that I didn’t care.

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CHAPTER 2 – Second part


I ended the call abruptly and, nervously, went to the door. When I opened it I found two real Men in black in front of me. They were exactly like the ones in Will Smith’s film: black suites, black wraparound glasses, serious faces, military postures, and all.

-Madam – they extracted two government’s badges from the breast pockets. -We would like you to come with us to our central station, where a suitable agent will explain the nature of this summon in a safe location.

It was like living in a bad b-movie, one where the stupid girl usually followed without question some suspicious character in the night and found her end. I was not stupid. Really, or at least, I didn’t think so. But I wanted to follow them. I know it was not the most secure of choices, however I had mitigating circumstances: the aliens were real, so it was only logical to think that these Men in black had to be the real thing too. Selene had suggested to hear what they have to say, and Big mama had encouraged me to start taking some risk… ok, she probably didn’t intended this kind of risk, but… still.

I strongly believed that the realization of ourselves was a question of timing and choices. I’ve always had bad timing and made bad choices, I married too early and divorced too late. I didn’t want to lose this opportunity to meet a real alien. It was something huge that could happened only once in a lifetime, and only if you were so lucky to be alive when the aliens decided finally to reveal themselves and you had the right DNA that made you useful to them. So I followed them, like a stupid. Not for nothing I was a natural blond.

After having entrusted Oliver to my neighbor, I got in their black car (clichè much?) and they conducted me to a military compound some miles out of L.A. in the desert. I couldn’t help but think that it was an ideal location for killing someone without the danger of being discovered. Even the concealment of the body would have been easy with all that sand. But still, I followed them inside the main building: an anonymous and sinister cement block.

With great surprise and relief I saw that the interior of the building was really different from the exterior. It housed what seem to be some kind of futuristic science lab. There were several human scientists at work on strange consoles, but I had eyes only for the alien that was coming towards me. A real live alien. Since I’ve seen them in tv I had secretly desired to be near one of them, and now, my desire was being met.

It was awesome. He was more slender than the one I’ve seen with Obama, also shorter and was wearing a lab coat, not an armor, but still, he was an imposing figure, seven feet tall, towering over me. And gorgeous too. From head to toe. With splendid black hair, very charming and delicate features, and aquamarine eyes.

I started to broke a sweat, it was like the temperature in the room had suddenly spiked, when a moment before had been pleasant. I feel fevered and tingly all over, sensations that grew more aggravating as the alien started to speak.

-Greetings, it’s an honor and a great pleasure to finally meet you, milady. I am Miral O’Gurkh Kraa Weshull.

I was thunderstruck. He had spoken in English. I didn’t know why I was so surprised, they have said to have observed us for centuries… It was normal …. I thought. Almost. But the thing was… I should have been afraid of him, that would have been ok. Instead I could only think about how cute and nice he looked and how much I would like to cuddle him. And that was not normal at all. For me at least. For my friend Cleopatra would have been the norm.

I didn’t know what to say, a very strange thing, for a chatty person as myself. The only word I could produce was a breathless


He smiled at me, becoming even more breathtaking, -Please, follow me into the conference room, there, we will more comfortable and I will explain to you the reason of your summon here.

I abandoned the relative safety of the two men in black, that at least were human, and without question I follow him. I don’t know why I was acting so carelessly, I wasn’t an hormonal teenager, I was an adult with a brain, but I couldn’t use it, it seemed!

As we walk the alien continued to speak -As you will know from the communicates of your President, we are here on your planet to collect females that could be compatible with our gene pool, and willing to help us breed the next generations of our tribe. We are contacting all the candidates the our screening had extract from your medical databases, and you, Laura Monroe, are one of the more promising. Your mixed ancestry of Irish and Sweden roots, had gifted you with many genetic traits from our ancestor. It’s fascinating that after centuries some characteristic can still resurface with so much force in an individual. Don’t you think?

I didn’t understand much of what he was telling me. First because genetic was not my forte, and second because his melodious voice was making me slightly drunk, lulling me in an almost comatose state. But I knew it was important to pay attention, so I tried to force myself to really hear what he was saying. – Do I have some alien traits in me?

He smiled more broadly this time and I could see its fangs –Certainly, and now that I can see you in person, not only admire your DNA, I can really appreciate them. Your eyes for examples, have tree rings of colors. Dark green for the external circle, green in the middle and light brown near the pupil. Just like ours, only your circles do not swirls like ours do.

Imagine that, and to think that I had always described my eyes as muddy green, in reality they were alien green… It didn’t sound so much better.

The alien stopped walking and hesitantly asked me – Would you let me examine your oral cavity?

What!? I wasn’t a mare or a cow to have my mouth examined to see if I was a fit animal! I had my dignity. In theory. The truth was I would have done anything he asked me with that voice, even if I knew better. It was like there were two of me. One that was putty in his hands, and one that could still think logically, and they were arguing inside my head. I wondered if that was what a bipolar person feels every day of his life… The problem was that the logical part of me was losing the battle. The other was whispering ‘he only asked you to open your mouth, not to undress yourself, your dignity will be intact!’. So, like a dumb bitch, I open my mouth.

-As I thought – he said after having looked – your canines are more developed that the ones of a normal human. Did you have chewing problem as a child?

Ok, this was becoming embarrassing…in a really strange way. Indeed my canines had always been a little too sharp, and I often hurt the intern of my mouth or my tongue chewing, so much so that lately I had been thinking about filing them. But my teeth were not abnormal! Mine were normal human teeth, only a little… sharp. Many people had the exact same problem. I wasn’t Dracula!

I was preparing myself to defend the beauty of my teeth for which I suffered years of tooth brace, when another alien entered the laboratory. I recognized him immediately: he was the one I’ve seen on television with Obama!

Never, not once in all my life, had I been this close to a man so breathtakingly handsome. A seven and a half foot giant, with long golden ash-blond hair, that spilled over his wide shoulders and onto the breastplate of his armor (Legolas style). His face was perfect. The planes smooth like marbles, the symmetry of every traits harmonious like music. As an actress it was important for me to be able to use make up in the right way, so I studied how to do it in my youth, and later, the drag queens, all great make up artist, have taught me how to paint my face the house down. I had good eye for faces, I could judge them critically, see their strengths and their flaws. His face was simply perfection, more regular even than the mannequin I used to work on. An impossible beautiful face, almost terrible in its perfection.

When my eyes clashed with his swirling blue gaze, a searing heath enveloped me. I could not move, could not speak, the only thing I could do was enduring the painful warmth that was entering my veins, and boiling my blood. It was excrucianting but even screaming was impossible.

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CHAPTER 2 – First part


The call

It was strange how something so simple like helping a person in need, could sometimes become so difficult and complicated. Especially if the someone in question were aliens from another planet that wanted to steal away human women. For some reason that thought didn’t sat well with human men. I wondered why…

The Gorvenments of the entire planet explained to the population that only volunteers, whose personal motivations would be accurately verificated, would be… handed to the aliens, but still in many nations rebellions to this accord with the aliens spread like wild fires, causing many disasters such as arsons or civil warfare.

Only the most poor countries, or the nations subjected to dictatorial regimes, didn’t have these kind of problems. There, women wanted or were ordinated to go, and they went, silently.

The aliens could have had all the females they wanted from these countries without creating much ado, but they didn’t need just any woman, they were searching for a very specific DNA, with traces left by their ancestors, that, many years before Christ, used to live among us, poor primitive humans, as deities. A thing that did not preclude them from mating with our lesser species.

And sadly for them, their ancestors used to live especially among Mayans and Aztecs, and in norden europe, so they needed primarily the collaborations of the countries whose population was more contrary to the accord: America and Europe. Ironic, no?

Still the operations of the Governments went on and the women, whose medical records seem compatible with the requests of the aliens, were contacted. Only the ones not married, without children, and of fertile age, between 18 and 38 years, received the call and even if their profiles were perfect, they still retained the right to refuse the offer without consequences. Or so they, the Government, said.

Living that moment of human history was strange. Some people said that we would gain great technology knowledge with this accord. Many simply loathed the aliens for what they were asking us. Others, with a more altruistic nature, thought that it was humanity duty to aid a species that had assisted us in the past. In fact the aliens claimed that many inventions like agricolture, the weel, irrigations systems ecc… were gifts of their people to our folk in primitive times, and were able to prove it, thanks to some archaeological artifact of which our scholars had never understood the nature or the scope, but that now reacted to their technology. I didn’t know the specific, I was no scientist. I only thought that the faster they would go away the better. I hated the tension in the air, the rage and the fear under the surface. The aliens were so ahed of us, technologically speaking, that it was almost embarassing. For now they had asked for what they needed, but if they didnt’ got what they wanted, who could stop them from taking our women with brute force? Nobody.

So it was an unpleasant surprise when my phone ringed and, on the other side of the line, a serious masculine voice said –This is the assistant of the White House’s Secretariate of Internal Affairs.

Naturally I tought it was a sick joke from the girls of Zone Lander -And I am the fairy Godmother – I answered.

The voice was unimpressed – This is not a joke. I’m really the assistant of the White House’s Secretariate of Internal Affairs . I’m calling you, madam, to warn you of the visit of two of our representatives. They will arrive at you address in a few minutes. You can ask for proper identifications, as your right. Goodbye madam.

Strange. If this was a joke, it was not funny. At all. Something was way off. I called Selene and she swore on her mother’s grave that not her, nor any of the other girls, were behind that strange call and that it seemed the real deal. Women in every corner of the world were receiving similar summons, it was not impossible, according to the theory of probabilities, for me to be one of the lucky ones to have that special brand of DNA. Wasn’t my grandmother irish? She also suggested to not dismiss them immediately, but to hear what they had to say. This way we would be able to finally know firsthand what was happening to the women who choose to go with the aliens.

-I have no intention to go with them, Selene!

-Of course, I know it, but they will have to tell you very interesting things to try to convince you. Are you not curious? Not even a little bit?

I was a woman, of course I was curious, and the possibility to meet for real the gorgeous aliens was very tempting…

The doorbell interrupted us.

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CHAPTER 1 – Third part

My act consisted on lip-synching to the song One, two, three… of Britney Spears, dressed like her ‘doped’ version. Basically I was a plump, clumsy, brunette Britney, almost naked, in a black body suit and patent leather eight inch boots, trying to pole dance with comic result. And because I was singing about a threesome or more, other five queens, one by one, came on the stage with me, and we all shook our booties, with hilarious poses and gags. We took the audience by the hand and involved them in the act, until the stage is so full of dancing people, that we have no more room to drop it like it’s hot. And we drop it like it’s hot so low, we practically mop the floor with our asses. No kidding.

After the song ended, me and Anana had a little kiki in front of the audience and read each other to filth. I criticized her busted face, and she called me a big fat ass on two legs, I said to her that she had so much plastic surgery done on herself, she could sell spare parts of her body on ebay to pay for newer boobs… and so on. The public loved our act and egged us on. I loved my job. The stage. Being the center of attention. I was exuberant, social and liked to be always in company of many persons. To be able to walk amid the tables and chat with the audience all night was pure bliss for me. I needed a crowd to be happy, I was like a flower that withered alone.

After the show I noticed Max, behind the bar, staring morosely into space. Poor guy. Breaking up it’s never easy and he is so young. Even if the girls wanted me to try something with him, I really cannot see me going out with a twenty five years old guy. I’m almost thirty four for goddess sake! All I wanted to do, seeing him so sad, was console him. He roused my maternal side, not my womanly side. So I went to me and sit on a barstool.

-Hei Max, how are you doing? Cleopatra told me about Giselle. What happened?

-She wanted something more. More attentions, probably a man with more money, more power, more time to take her on vacations in exotic locations, more balls… I don’t know, the only thing clear was that the blame was on me. I thought that everything was going ok between us, but apparently I was blind. – he said in a bitter tone, before looking at me from head to toe – I should go out with a sweet girl like you. I bet you would never say something like that to your man. And you are also seriously hot, which is always a bonus. What do you think?

-I think you’re a cute guy, but I don’t want to be your rebound girl. I know close and personal the bitterness I can see in your eyes. You really care about Giselle, don’t you?

-Yeah – he said – But that doesn’t change anything.

-On the contrary, it changes everything. Did she really said that? About a man with more money, I mean.

-No… She only said she wanted more attentions from me, but she intended that, I just know it.

-Men! Why do you put worlds she didn’t say in her mouth? If she said she wanted more attentions, maybe she just wanted that! Does it sound so strange to you? She works during the day, you work all night and also during the weekend, I bet you see each other so sporadically she almost didn’t remember you.

-It’s not so bad, we sleep together every night and we see each other every evening for…one hour.

-Uau, so much!? And the last time you took a vacation was….

-Well….eight… No, nine months ago…..I think.

I throw him a glance that said ‘I told you so’ and he started finally to look sheepish.

-Maybe I overreacted a little to her words…

-Yeah, I would say so. You will apologize to her, grovel a little and plead forgiveness with a vacation, I would suggest a romantic cruise. She will forgive you, because she loves you, and all will be well. I promise.

He smiled -You’re an angel Laura, a sexy angel, but still an angel.

I smiled back -Maybe I will wear a sexy angel costume on the stage, one day.

-You should – said Riki, appearing behind me. He was in her drag persona, Big Mama: 220 pounds of bold and beautiful black woman, six feet tall, with a mammoth wig of hair and rhinestones on her face. She was a force to be reckoned with.

As one of the two owner of the Zone lander (the other was Miki, her patner in both life and work) it was her duty to watch over her employees, but in reality it was her altruistic nature that pushed her to take care of her people. She was really like a mama for all of us and we all loved her rich laugh and positive outlook on life.

-Max, there are paying customers waiting for a refill over there, go help them, we don’t them too sober, poor things.

-Ok Mama.

After Max’s depature, Big Mama stared at me and shook her head -What do we have to do with you? We want you to go out with Max, not help him make peace with his skinny girlfriend.

-He was miserable, it was plain to see. So I tried to help him. He is so young and vulnerable,

-He is not so much younger than you and a fuck would have improved his mood just fine, believe me. It’s your maternal instinct’s fault if you see every men younger then you as a son to take care of. You have too much of it, for your own good.

– This is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. You are like a mama hen with us.

-Yeah but I already have my man, you have still to find yours! And you need one to start making all the children you want. How many were they, now?

-Five. I’ve always dreamt to have at least five children. I was an only daughter you see, and I was raised by my grandmother after the death of my parents in a car accident when I was only eight. It was only me and her. My other grandparents were already passed away by then. She was great but… it was a lonely childhood. I’ve always wanted siblings. And I want my son or daughter to have them.

-Then you have to stop being so fussy about men, and start taking risks with your heart again. Not all men are jerk like you’re ex husband.

-I’ll try.

-You do that.

Suddenly the music coming from the stage stopped and Selene’s voice could be heard through out the club from the speakers -Turn on the big tv! Now! Finally there’s been an announcement from the aliens!

The audience started buzzing. Max obeyed and turned on the bar television. The Governor of California appeared on the screen. -Our new allies, the aliens known as Shrounkha’a, explained the main cause for her long journey to Earth. The population on their mother planet is facing extinction, because of genetic problems regarding reproduction, and they are in need of new DNA material to renew theirs. Females have became a rarity on their planet, almost all of their offsprings are male, so what they need from us is the help of our women.

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