CHAPTER 2 – Third part

I was helplessly paralyzed as the man’s form drew nearer. His eerie gaze held me immobilized. Sweat broke out onto my forehead as my nipples stabbed upwards and puckered. The giant seemed to notice my body’s reaction for his gaze fell on my chest and he smiled, baring his fangs in a seriously scary fashion. I was an inferno, I was lava, I was heath and in heath for him, against my will. I wasn’t the master of my body anymore, he was.

He was taller and bigger than the other alien, who seem almost subservient to him. They began to talk in their native language, a softly lyrical speech, that I couldn’t appreciate it in my profound distress. Maybe their where talking about me, but I couldn’t even try to read their body language. I was in too much pain. I was excited at a level so high that every cell of my body seemed supersensitized and was hurting like hell.

I tried to look away from the alien, tried desperately to reclaim my body, but I couldn’t. It was as if that giant held all dominion over me. I began panting as a hard shudder worked over my body, scared shitless of these reactions that were not natural at all. My uterus spasmed and a fierce jolt of pain shook me. I whimpered, terrified, as I fell on my knees. My entire body was trembling now and not from pleasure. Both aliens were watching me. The dark haired one, seem a little preoccupied but the other… He was detached and cold, studing me like I was just an insect under his microscope. On the edge of hysteria, unable to endure cramps so strong, I ended up lying supine on the floor, in the throes of continuous spasms that from my belly attached all my body, until the pain became unbearable and I swooned gratefully into oblivion.

When I come to, I was lying on a cot and my body was aching all over. Man, everything hurt. Everything. What had happened to cause every muscle, bone, joint, and nerve ending to throb in pain like this? I couldn’t remember. I knew I must have been in agony to feel like that, but I didn’t remember the pain in itself and didn’t feel it now, only its phantom. The alien in the lab coat, Miral if I remember correctly, observed me with a worried expression. His more muscular companion was gone. He was a scary dude, for what I could remember, I should have felt relief, but all I could feel was a pang of regret.

The alien reached to a bedside table and poured a glass of water from a pitcher I hadn’t seen and handed it to me, looking at me until I took the cool glass and drank.

-How are you feeling? – he asked me.

-Strange, achy, confuse.- I didn’t know what to say with that mysterious pain still throbbing through me and disorientation muddling my mind.

-Physically, are you in pain?

-Not now, but it’s like my body remembers a great pain, of which I can still feel the echo…..Even if I can’t recall it exactly… What happened?

-You had an allergic reaction to our marshal. He belongs to the warrior class and they emit a special brand of pheromones. We all do that, but theirs are more potent. To a human woman they can cause real damage, fortunately your genetics shielded you to the worst effects. You only swooned and were unconscious for three minutes. A record until now. The others candidate remained unconscious far longer. We regret causing you any pain, but it’s a mandatory test for the candidates, to ascertain your resistance to our pheromones. Only the ones that can withstand them, will be capable to survive among us. We can’t risk choosing the wrong persons, not only because they would meet a painful death, but also because we need strong genetic material if we want to give our people a hope to survive. I hope you will forgive us for the discomfort we caused you. It was nothing serious, but still we regret it.

Forgive them? I was feeling lousy, no, I was feeling like crap, it must have been a serious pain… but I didn’t remember it… so maybe it wasn’t so severe. I would remember something very strong… Would I not? So if he said it was nothing, maybe it was. Ouch. Thinking about it, made me feel so confused, and my head was hurting… Miral seemed so sincere, I want to believe him.

-Of course I forgive you.

-I’m glad to hear it – he said, beaming at me, and his smile made me feel good inside. I was hurting but I was happy, strange.

-The result of all your test are positive, your gradient of compatibility with our genetic very high. We need females just like you to save our race. You don’t have any family and are the perfect candidate, I hope you will want to help us.

Poor thing, he was so earnest in his plea.

-Of course I will help you.- I said. I felt so generous and selfless, almost like a saint, in that moment. And it felt good, very good. The more I agreed with the alien, the more good I felt. I wanted to make him happy, to feel great myself. It was addictive this feeling of lightness… The confusion of before has disappeared, now all I could sense was calm and purpose. I simply had to do what the alien want, nothing more, nothing less, to feel good again and again. And I loved to feel good. I was behaving like a dumb blond, which I was not. Normally. What was happening to me?But even while I was asking myself that, I realized that I didn’t care.

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2 risposte a CHAPTER 2 – Third part

  1. mira ha detto:

    Ciao, devo dire che finora il lavoro è interessante e sappi che ti odio profondamente perchè le parti pubblicate sembrano sempre troppo corte: ogni volta ne vorrei di più. Questo implica che stai creando suspense. Ma io ti odio lo stesso!!! 😉
    Buon lavoro e continua così!

    Mi piace


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