CHAPTER 2 – Second part


I ended the call abruptly and, nervously, went to the door. When I opened it I found two real Men in black in front of me. They were exactly like the ones in Will Smith’s film: black suites, black wraparound glasses, serious faces, military postures, and all.

-Madam – they extracted two government’s badges from the breast pockets. -We would like you to come with us to our central station, where a suitable agent will explain the nature of this summon in a safe location.

It was like living in a bad b-movie, one where the stupid girl usually followed without question some suspicious character in the night and found her end. I was not stupid. Really, or at least, I didn’t think so. But I wanted to follow them. I know it was not the most secure of choices, however I had mitigating circumstances: the aliens were real, so it was only logical to think that these Men in black had to be the real thing too. Selene had suggested to hear what they have to say, and Big mama had encouraged me to start taking some risk… ok, she probably didn’t intended this kind of risk, but… still.

I strongly believed that the realization of ourselves was a question of timing and choices. I’ve always had bad timing and made bad choices, I married too early and divorced too late. I didn’t want to lose this opportunity to meet a real alien. It was something huge that could happened only once in a lifetime, and only if you were so lucky to be alive when the aliens decided finally to reveal themselves and you had the right DNA that made you useful to them. So I followed them, like a stupid. Not for nothing I was a natural blond.

After having entrusted Oliver to my neighbor, I got in their black car (clichè much?) and they conducted me to a military compound some miles out of L.A. in the desert. I couldn’t help but think that it was an ideal location for killing someone without the danger of being discovered. Even the concealment of the body would have been easy with all that sand. But still, I followed them inside the main building: an anonymous and sinister cement block.

With great surprise and relief I saw that the interior of the building was really different from the exterior. It housed what seem to be some kind of futuristic science lab. There were several human scientists at work on strange consoles, but I had eyes only for the alien that was coming towards me. A real live alien. Since I’ve seen them in tv I had secretly desired to be near one of them, and now, my desire was being met.

It was awesome. He was more slender than the one I’ve seen with Obama, also shorter and was wearing a lab coat, not an armor, but still, he was an imposing figure, seven feet tall, towering over me. And gorgeous too. From head to toe. With splendid black hair, very charming and delicate features, and aquamarine eyes.

I started to broke a sweat, it was like the temperature in the room had suddenly spiked, when a moment before had been pleasant. I feel fevered and tingly all over, sensations that grew more aggravating as the alien started to speak.

-Greetings, it’s an honor and a great pleasure to finally meet you, milady. I am Miral O’Gurkh Kraa Weshull.

I was thunderstruck. He had spoken in English. I didn’t know why I was so surprised, they have said to have observed us for centuries… It was normal …. I thought. Almost. But the thing was… I should have been afraid of him, that would have been ok. Instead I could only think about how cute and nice he looked and how much I would like to cuddle him. And that was not normal at all. For me at least. For my friend Cleopatra would have been the norm.

I didn’t know what to say, a very strange thing, for a chatty person as myself. The only word I could produce was a breathless


He smiled at me, becoming even more breathtaking, -Please, follow me into the conference room, there, we will more comfortable and I will explain to you the reason of your summon here.

I abandoned the relative safety of the two men in black, that at least were human, and without question I follow him. I don’t know why I was acting so carelessly, I wasn’t an hormonal teenager, I was an adult with a brain, but I couldn’t use it, it seemed!

As we walk the alien continued to speak -As you will know from the communicates of your President, we are here on your planet to collect females that could be compatible with our gene pool, and willing to help us breed the next generations of our tribe. We are contacting all the candidates the our screening had extract from your medical databases, and you, Laura Monroe, are one of the more promising. Your mixed ancestry of Irish and Sweden roots, had gifted you with many genetic traits from our ancestor. It’s fascinating that after centuries some characteristic can still resurface with so much force in an individual. Don’t you think?

I didn’t understand much of what he was telling me. First because genetic was not my forte, and second because his melodious voice was making me slightly drunk, lulling me in an almost comatose state. But I knew it was important to pay attention, so I tried to force myself to really hear what he was saying. – Do I have some alien traits in me?

He smiled more broadly this time and I could see its fangs –Certainly, and now that I can see you in person, not only admire your DNA, I can really appreciate them. Your eyes for examples, have tree rings of colors. Dark green for the external circle, green in the middle and light brown near the pupil. Just like ours, only your circles do not swirls like ours do.

Imagine that, and to think that I had always described my eyes as muddy green, in reality they were alien green… It didn’t sound so much better.

The alien stopped walking and hesitantly asked me – Would you let me examine your oral cavity?

What!? I wasn’t a mare or a cow to have my mouth examined to see if I was a fit animal! I had my dignity. In theory. The truth was I would have done anything he asked me with that voice, even if I knew better. It was like there were two of me. One that was putty in his hands, and one that could still think logically, and they were arguing inside my head. I wondered if that was what a bipolar person feels every day of his life… The problem was that the logical part of me was losing the battle. The other was whispering ‘he only asked you to open your mouth, not to undress yourself, your dignity will be intact!’. So, like a dumb bitch, I open my mouth.

-As I thought – he said after having looked – your canines are more developed that the ones of a normal human. Did you have chewing problem as a child?

Ok, this was becoming embarrassing…in a really strange way. Indeed my canines had always been a little too sharp, and I often hurt the intern of my mouth or my tongue chewing, so much so that lately I had been thinking about filing them. But my teeth were not abnormal! Mine were normal human teeth, only a little… sharp. Many people had the exact same problem. I wasn’t Dracula!

I was preparing myself to defend the beauty of my teeth for which I suffered years of tooth brace, when another alien entered the laboratory. I recognized him immediately: he was the one I’ve seen on television with Obama!

Never, not once in all my life, had I been this close to a man so breathtakingly handsome. A seven and a half foot giant, with long golden ash-blond hair, that spilled over his wide shoulders and onto the breastplate of his armor (Legolas style). His face was perfect. The planes smooth like marbles, the symmetry of every traits harmonious like music. As an actress it was important for me to be able to use make up in the right way, so I studied how to do it in my youth, and later, the drag queens, all great make up artist, have taught me how to paint my face the house down. I had good eye for faces, I could judge them critically, see their strengths and their flaws. His face was simply perfection, more regular even than the mannequin I used to work on. An impossible beautiful face, almost terrible in its perfection.

When my eyes clashed with his swirling blue gaze, a searing heath enveloped me. I could not move, could not speak, the only thing I could do was enduring the painful warmth that was entering my veins, and boiling my blood. It was excrucianting but even screaming was impossible.

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