CHAPTER 2 – First part


The call

It was strange how something so simple like helping a person in need, could sometimes become so difficult and complicated. Especially if the someone in question were aliens from another planet that wanted to steal away human women. For some reason that thought didn’t sat well with human men. I wondered why…

The Gorvenments of the entire planet explained to the population that only volunteers, whose personal motivations would be accurately verificated, would be… handed to the aliens, but still in many nations rebellions to this accord with the aliens spread like wild fires, causing many disasters such as arsons or civil warfare.

Only the most poor countries, or the nations subjected to dictatorial regimes, didn’t have these kind of problems. There, women wanted or were ordinated to go, and they went, silently.

The aliens could have had all the females they wanted from these countries without creating much ado, but they didn’t need just any woman, they were searching for a very specific DNA, with traces left by their ancestors, that, many years before Christ, used to live among us, poor primitive humans, as deities. A thing that did not preclude them from mating with our lesser species.

And sadly for them, their ancestors used to live especially among Mayans and Aztecs, and in norden europe, so they needed primarily the collaborations of the countries whose population was more contrary to the accord: America and Europe. Ironic, no?

Still the operations of the Governments went on and the women, whose medical records seem compatible with the requests of the aliens, were contacted. Only the ones not married, without children, and of fertile age, between 18 and 38 years, received the call and even if their profiles were perfect, they still retained the right to refuse the offer without consequences. Or so they, the Government, said.

Living that moment of human history was strange. Some people said that we would gain great technology knowledge with this accord. Many simply loathed the aliens for what they were asking us. Others, with a more altruistic nature, thought that it was humanity duty to aid a species that had assisted us in the past. In fact the aliens claimed that many inventions like agricolture, the weel, irrigations systems ecc… were gifts of their people to our folk in primitive times, and were able to prove it, thanks to some archaeological artifact of which our scholars had never understood the nature or the scope, but that now reacted to their technology. I didn’t know the specific, I was no scientist. I only thought that the faster they would go away the better. I hated the tension in the air, the rage and the fear under the surface. The aliens were so ahed of us, technologically speaking, that it was almost embarassing. For now they had asked for what they needed, but if they didnt’ got what they wanted, who could stop them from taking our women with brute force? Nobody.

So it was an unpleasant surprise when my phone ringed and, on the other side of the line, a serious masculine voice said –This is the assistant of the White House’s Secretariate of Internal Affairs.

Naturally I tought it was a sick joke from the girls of Zone Lander -And I am the fairy Godmother – I answered.

The voice was unimpressed – This is not a joke. I’m really the assistant of the White House’s Secretariate of Internal Affairs . I’m calling you, madam, to warn you of the visit of two of our representatives. They will arrive at you address in a few minutes. You can ask for proper identifications, as your right. Goodbye madam.

Strange. If this was a joke, it was not funny. At all. Something was way off. I called Selene and she swore on her mother’s grave that not her, nor any of the other girls, were behind that strange call and that it seemed the real deal. Women in every corner of the world were receiving similar summons, it was not impossible, according to the theory of probabilities, for me to be one of the lucky ones to have that special brand of DNA. Wasn’t my grandmother irish? She also suggested to not dismiss them immediately, but to hear what they had to say. This way we would be able to finally know firsthand what was happening to the women who choose to go with the aliens.

-I have no intention to go with them, Selene!

-Of course, I know it, but they will have to tell you very interesting things to try to convince you. Are you not curious? Not even a little bit?

I was a woman, of course I was curious, and the possibility to meet for real the gorgeous aliens was very tempting…

The doorbell interrupted us.

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