CHAPTER 1 – First part

The Aliens

When the world stood still, I was frying an egg. It was already giving off a tasty smell, so much so that Oliver, my overweight chocolate labrador, was throwing me pleading glances and I could not wait to eat it. The table was set and the television on, but all my attention was concentrated on the stove and the rumbling of my stomach, not having touched any food all day long, so it took me a few minutes to realize that the transmission that usually accompanied my lunch, a soap, had been interrupted. It was the silence that caught my attention. A moment before, the blonde actress, who played a gold digger vixen, who had slept with three generations of males, belonging to a wealthy family of the fashion industry, was yelling at the wife of one of those and then nothing. I turned, and saw that on the screen, instead of two big breasted milfs in skimpy outfits, there was the image of the President of the United States, Barack Obama.

Puzzled, I left my lunch on the stove and turned up the volume. Obama was speaking to the nation, no, to the whole world on live television. At the bottom of the screen the logo of a well-known network and the voice of an eminent journalist convinced me right away that this was no joke. Something big, with worldwide impact, had happened.

The President was announcing that the existence of other life forms in the universe had finally been proved and that aliens from a distant planet had reached us, in order to form an intergalactic alliance with Earth. To say that I was speechless would have been an understatement, but not due to the existence of aliens. Science has been telling us for years and years that it was statistically impossible for humanity to be the only intelligent life form in the entire universe, and the mere calculation of probabilities, UFO sightings and Roswell made it a certainty. It was obvious that sooner or later we would meet these phantom extraterrestrials or that the secret meetings between the aliens and our Governments would eventually become public domain.

After all, with the advanced technology available to everyone, secrecy was every day more difficult, but I had hoped it would not happen while I was alive and frankly I did not understand why the President of the United States, was welcoming them with such joy. Hadn’t Obama seen the show Visitors, or the movies War of the Worlds, Invasion, Independence Day and Alien? I was not exactly ready to blindly trust these aliens, just because they affirm to come in peace.

They always say so in the films, but in reality have very private and selfish reasons to be here, almost never peaceful. Just as Obama smiled reassuringly at the public and invited one of the aliens on the stage with him, a strong burning smell reached to my nose. The egg!

I turned off the stove, but my lunch was ruined. Oliver howled with displeasure and my stomach echoed. With a sigh, I looked back at the TV. Somehow I must have bumped the remote, changing the channel, because on the screen there was an elf.

To see the Lord of the Rings at noon on TV was very strange. And the elf in question, though blond and pretty similar to the Legolas of Orlando Bloom, was taller, more broad-shouldered and even more beautiful. When the camera made a close-up of his face, I gasped. His emerald eyes seemed to shimmer and swirl like transparent glass, through which we could see the waves of a green sea caught in a storm.

Now, I’ve never been attracted to too beautiful men, and anyone who has met my ex-husband could confirm this, but my heart, watching the television, leapt dangerously. Just then, I saw the President of the United states of America appear next to the elf’s face. Since I refused to believe that could exist a fan version of the Lord of the Rings with Obama, I realized that this was not a movie. I was still seeing the President’s speech to the nation, and the elf was none other than one of the aliens. So many wasted years imagining extraterrestrials with the most unexpected forms, with always ET in mind, and in reality they were identical to the wood elves of Tolkien! What a joke!

Oliver put his muzzle on the table, sighed and looked at me with distressed eyes. The message was clear. The tv was not important, the food was. My stomach agreed. I turned off the television and took another egg from the fridge.

My behavior may seem strange, but do not believe that the news about the aliens had not hit me. I was surprised, excited and worried just like the rest of the population, but I tried not to think about it, going forward with my usual routine, as if nothing had happened. Getting caught by anxiety and fear was useless. It was something bigger than me, out of my reach. I knew that the Government would have acted on my behalf without consulting me, so I might as well try and ignore what I could not change. It was a rather fatalistic philosophy, I know, but a divorced woman, with an ex-husband who did not pay aliments and without a family that could support her, must support herself and two jobs at minimum wage, can make you a tad pragmatic and disillusioned about life. Not that it was possible to ignore the alien problem, seeing as the whole world talked of little else.


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