CHAPTER 1 – Third part

My act consisted on lip-synching to the song One, two, three… of Britney Spears, dressed like her ‘doped’ version. Basically I was a plump, clumsy, brunette Britney, almost naked, in a black body suit and patent leather eight inch boots, trying to pole dance with comic result. And because I was singing about a threesome or more, other five queens, one by one, came on the stage with me, and we all shook our booties, with hilarious poses and gags. We took the audience by the hand and involved them in the act, until the stage is so full of dancing people, that we have no more room to drop it like it’s hot. And we drop it like it’s hot so low, we practically mop the floor with our asses. No kidding.

After the song ended, me and Anana had a little kiki in front of the audience and read each other to filth. I criticized her busted face, and she called me a big fat ass on two legs, I said to her that she had so much plastic surgery done on herself, she could sell spare parts of her body on ebay to pay for newer boobs… and so on. The public loved our act and egged us on. I loved my job. The stage. Being the center of attention. I was exuberant, social and liked to be always in company of many persons. To be able to walk amid the tables and chat with the audience all night was pure bliss for me. I needed a crowd to be happy, I was like a flower that withered alone.

After the show I noticed Max, behind the bar, staring morosely into space. Poor guy. Breaking up it’s never easy and he is so young. Even if the girls wanted me to try something with him, I really cannot see me going out with a twenty five years old guy. I’m almost thirty four for goddess sake! All I wanted to do, seeing him so sad, was console him. He roused my maternal side, not my womanly side. So I went to me and sit on a barstool.

-Hei Max, how are you doing? Cleopatra told me about Giselle. What happened?

-She wanted something more. More attentions, probably a man with more money, more power, more time to take her on vacations in exotic locations, more balls… I don’t know, the only thing clear was that the blame was on me. I thought that everything was going ok between us, but apparently I was blind. – he said in a bitter tone, before looking at me from head to toe – I should go out with a sweet girl like you. I bet you would never say something like that to your man. And you are also seriously hot, which is always a bonus. What do you think?

-I think you’re a cute guy, but I don’t want to be your rebound girl. I know close and personal the bitterness I can see in your eyes. You really care about Giselle, don’t you?

-Yeah – he said – But that doesn’t change anything.

-On the contrary, it changes everything. Did she really said that? About a man with more money, I mean.

-No… She only said she wanted more attentions from me, but she intended that, I just know it.

-Men! Why do you put worlds she didn’t say in her mouth? If she said she wanted more attentions, maybe she just wanted that! Does it sound so strange to you? She works during the day, you work all night and also during the weekend, I bet you see each other so sporadically she almost didn’t remember you.

-It’s not so bad, we sleep together every night and we see each other every evening for…one hour.

-Uau, so much!? And the last time you took a vacation was….

-Well….eight… No, nine months ago…..I think.

I throw him a glance that said ‘I told you so’ and he started finally to look sheepish.

-Maybe I overreacted a little to her words…

-Yeah, I would say so. You will apologize to her, grovel a little and plead forgiveness with a vacation, I would suggest a romantic cruise. She will forgive you, because she loves you, and all will be well. I promise.

He smiled -You’re an angel Laura, a sexy angel, but still an angel.

I smiled back -Maybe I will wear a sexy angel costume on the stage, one day.

-You should – said Riki, appearing behind me. He was in her drag persona, Big Mama: 220 pounds of bold and beautiful black woman, six feet tall, with a mammoth wig of hair and rhinestones on her face. She was a force to be reckoned with.

As one of the two owner of the Zone lander (the other was Miki, her patner in both life and work) it was her duty to watch over her employees, but in reality it was her altruistic nature that pushed her to take care of her people. She was really like a mama for all of us and we all loved her rich laugh and positive outlook on life.

-Max, there are paying customers waiting for a refill over there, go help them, we don’t them too sober, poor things.

-Ok Mama.

After Max’s depature, Big Mama stared at me and shook her head -What do we have to do with you? We want you to go out with Max, not help him make peace with his skinny girlfriend.

-He was miserable, it was plain to see. So I tried to help him. He is so young and vulnerable,

-He is not so much younger than you and a fuck would have improved his mood just fine, believe me. It’s your maternal instinct’s fault if you see every men younger then you as a son to take care of. You have too much of it, for your own good.

– This is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. You are like a mama hen with us.

-Yeah but I already have my man, you have still to find yours! And you need one to start making all the children you want. How many were they, now?

-Five. I’ve always dreamt to have at least five children. I was an only daughter you see, and I was raised by my grandmother after the death of my parents in a car accident when I was only eight. It was only me and her. My other grandparents were already passed away by then. She was great but… it was a lonely childhood. I’ve always wanted siblings. And I want my son or daughter to have them.

-Then you have to stop being so fussy about men, and start taking risks with your heart again. Not all men are jerk like you’re ex husband.

-I’ll try.

-You do that.

Suddenly the music coming from the stage stopped and Selene’s voice could be heard through out the club from the speakers -Turn on the big tv! Now! Finally there’s been an announcement from the aliens!

The audience started buzzing. Max obeyed and turned on the bar television. The Governor of California appeared on the screen. -Our new allies, the aliens known as Shrounkha’a, explained the main cause for her long journey to Earth. The population on their mother planet is facing extinction, because of genetic problems regarding reproduction, and they are in need of new DNA material to renew theirs. Females have became a rarity on their planet, almost all of their offsprings are male, so what they need from us is the help of our women.

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