CHAPTER 3 – Second part


When I finally reached the site of the starship, near Las Vegas, I was excited. I could not wait to be in the presence of the aliens, because I’ve missed them acutely. And I was curious to meet the others women, my companions for this adventure, and, I hoped, my future friends. I also wanted to see the spacecraft that would got to be my house for the duration of the journey. I have imagined something spectacular, incredible, almost beyond human imagination, so I felt terribly left down when I finally looked at it. All I could think was: OMG It’s just like the Enterprise! No kidding!

In the last three years I have auditioned for every role available in every tv show or film, so also in Star trek Enterprise and Star trek the film, J. J. Abrams version. I’ve never won the role, but I’ve been on the set, and seen many images of the Enterprise, the famous Star trek spaceship, and the spaceship of the aliens, was very similar. Almost identical, only in black instead of white! There could be three explanations for this fact. One, the creator of the tv series was a genius with advanced technological knowledge ahead of his time, but I didn’t think so. Two, the creator of the show was an alien in disguise that needed to make money for reasons not known. Or, three, the creator was human but knows the aliens, was in contact with them and knew something of their technology, because they left him know, for some mysterious purpose, maybe just to laugh.

Just looking at that spaceship was uncanny, but when an alien teleported himself out of it, appearing in front of me, exactly in the same way of Star trek’s teleportation, it became surreal. I felt like I was in a Star trek film!

-Uau, just like Spock! –said a voice behind me. It belonged to a young woman, tall and blond, that had a trolley with her. She was probably one of the other women chosen by the aliens.

-Yeah –I said –And he had the same ears too!

-You’re right! You’re absolutely right. – She laughed and offered her hand

– Please to meet you, I’m Sally.

I shook it eagerly -I’m Laura. Happy to meet you too – Are we the first women to arrive here?

-Oh no, the others are already here, some of them came days ago from distant cities, countries or continents. You are the last of us. Now we are finally ready to go. Here they are, see?

A group of women was coming towards us. We were only one hundred, a small number, but being among them…we seem a very large crowd. Fortunately the starship was huge. As I looked at my companions I noticed immediately that they were of various ethnic origins and that most of them were very young, in their twenties at most. Some seemed even younger. I was going to be one of the older ones, I could see, only five or six women of my age. It made sense if you thought about it. The aliens were recruiting women for reproduction purpose, so they need females with many fertile years ahead of them. The exceptions, like me, have been chosen, probably only because of their precious genetics. Great, I was going to be one of the ancient ones.

Just while I was having this humbling thoughts one of the aliens came toward us. It was the blond one, the one I’ve seen with Obama and later in the laboratory. He was still breathtaking, with eyes so glacial, you can almost feel physically his disdain for us. He had this superior air about him, like we were not worthy of him, but in its magnanimity he was going to grant us an inch of attention, so we should have been grateful for it. But this time he seemed less cruel looking to me, because of the scary alien that was with him. This one was humongous, taller and more muscular, a fit that would seemed impossible to me, if I wasn’t seeing it with my own eyes. He had violet-blue long air, and a scar shaped like a half moon marring one half of his perfect face. He had only one eye, his color between fair grey and light violet, it was difficult to tell because of the constant vortex in it and of the distance. They stop before reaching us, maintaining a significant distance, and the blond one started to speak in perfect English: Greeting chosen ones. We are embarking on a long journey that we hope will bear important fruits for all of us. I am Rhashan M’rok Dah Zulhun and this is our captain Keiron A’krab Dah A’krab. It will be our responsibility transporting all of you safely to our planet and given the long duration of the trip, you will be placed in special capsules in which you will comfortably sleep.

-I don’t wanna be sedated.- said Sally who was still beside me. She was right. We all wanted to mingle and to interact with the aliens, during the journey, it was normal. You know, getting to know each other, before doing the did. We weren’t machine where you push a button and here it comes the baby. We were eager to collaborate, but still, a little foreplay and intimacy would have been appreciated.

The aliens looked at each other, then the captain started walking towards us. Immediately I understand why they had maintained that distance before. He was only four step closer, but my body was allready on fire. Some of the girls were on their knees, others were convulsing on the concrete. I started to pant.

-You are not ready to withstand our proximity, as you can see. The use of the capsule if entirely for ensure you’re wellbeing.- he said in a gravelly voice.

On step closer, and my uterus began to cramp. I gritted my teeth against the pain. Ok, maybe he was right, we weren’t ready for this, I thought before passing out.

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