CHAPTER 3 – First part


 The starship


I was secure in my decision to go away with the aliens. I had no doubts. Not one. I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life. There was a new beginning waiting for me on a distant planet and I couldn’t wait to start living it. I was happy to go, serene, calm… So I really didn’t understand why all the people I knew thought I was acting crazy. They looked at me like you would look at a lunatic without a cause. I was doing a logical thing, at least from my point of you. I had no living family and nobody who depended on me on Earth, I was free to go where I want, and I wanted to go into space, what was their problem?


The queens of Zone Lander were constantly on my case. Every day they arrived in mass at my home to try “to talk some sense into me”, or so they say, while I was busy trying to pack my things for the voyage.  It wasn’t easy to pack for a lifetime! And with five drag queen talking to me at once, always underfoot, was almost impossible.

-You’re freaking me out, girl! Please, snap out of it!- was saying Cleopatra -You don’t want to go, this mad decision was pushed into you by the aliens. The bastards have brainwashed you! I swear I will kill them all, for what they have done to you! I don’t know how, but I will have my revenge, even if I will have to seduce the entire USA’s army and some astronauts to do so!

I rolled my eyes, this was getting old and my patience was running out…quickly -Nobody brainwashed anybody. This is my decision, I have my own mind, thank you so much, I am more than able to think for myself.

-From here, it doesn’t seem so. – was her acerbic response, while Anana came to hug me, crying like a baby –Poor thing, you don’t even know what you’re saying, it’s so terribly sad. Brainwashing means that you don’t know what they have done to you, but they have done it! Nasty aliens!

Ok, Anana was explaining the meaning of something to me… It was official: the world was ending and they taught me a cretin!

-They are more than nasty, they are evil!­ – said Riky with menace in his voice. The owner of Zone Lander was a bear of a man, but a sweet soul, who was incapable to hurt a fly. However in this occasion he seemed really enraged, even Niky, his patner in life, was incapable to calm him. Selene was the only without words, till she said, in a quivering voice –This is all my fault. I will never forgive myself for suggesting to her to go to the meeting with the aliens. I was so curious…. And now she is paying for my sin. It’s not right, I should be the one punished for this, not Laura.

-Oh, Honey, it’s not your fault, the culprits are the aliens!- Pinacolada tried to console her, but Selene was having none of it, and crying silently.

It was all so silly. Really. Nobody was in danger, they were talking like I was going to my death, while this voyage was the best thing that had ever happened to me.

–Stop right now! – I ordered – This is stupid! I don’t need your intervention, I want to go with the aliens, I’m happy, why can’t you accept that? This is my life, not yours!

-Because you’re not acting like yourself!- shouted Cleopatra. –It’s like they gave you an happy pill, and now you’re ready to follow them wherever they go, without question, like a good bitch. Don’t you see? They have changed you, changed your personality… I’ don’t know how…. Maybe with some horrible experiment…They are using you and these other women as guinea pigs! The bastards!

-No, you’re wrong, they care for us. Really. They even tested the women for compatibility with their pheromones, because they don’t want to hurt us.

-Yeah, sure, they are little pure angels… This is why they have assigned to you bodyguards like these! –she said pointing the two men in black that stationed in my living room, that were giving the eye to the drag queens –They don’t want to take the risk of us changing your mind, or of you starting seeing some sense! These gorillas are not here for your protection, but to make sure that you will go with them when the time comes, whether you like it or not!

I didn’t like the sarcastic note in Cleopatra voice, but, before I could say something about it, Selene interrupted her, with eyes intent and clear now. –Hush Cleo, let Laura explain to us this caring side of the extraterrestrials, it’s very interesting, don’t you think? Maybe she is right and we are exaggerating. Tell us about these pheromones, baby.

-Thank you Selene, finally someone that listen to me, instead of treating me like a loony, I’m glad. As I was saying, the aliens are choosing only the women compatible with their DNA and their physiology. Their pheromones can really hurt a female without the right genetic shield, but they are very careful with their selection specifically to spare us any discomfort or difficulty.

-Interesting, this explains why the number of women that will depart with them, is so small. The tv said only one hundred. I didn’t believe it when I heard it, but maybe it’s true, if the requirements they needed are so many. This is good news. What is bad is that you are one of the unfortunate few who have all the requirements…What can you take with you for the voyage?

-What I want, nothing too big like furniture, but all the rest is allright. I won’t need many things with me. Oh, and Oliver will come with me, so I will have to include his bed, his toys…

The face of Anana brightened –Really?

-Of course, did you think I would leave him here?! Never!!!!

-This is the first normal thing you have said today. The real you could have said that, maybe she is still there inside of you, somewhere -said Cleopatra – I’m happy Oliver will be with you, because you will need him, if whatever they had done to you will wear off someday.

-I wish we could do something for you.- said Anana sadly.

-I hate being so powerless!- lamented Cleopatra.


-Me too, but we can’t do anything right now – said Selene looking at the men in black – I think I have an idea….We will help Laura someway…somehow…we will be there for her, I swear and we will render human women safe in the future.

-Ok girls – said Niky –I think it’s time for a group hug, maybe Laura isn’t herself now, but she must feel our love, so that when she’ll need it, she will be able to remember this moment.

The embraced me, all together. And I found my eyes moist. The had nagged at me constantly, made me mad by not accepting my decision…but still they were almost family for me and really cared for me, like I cared for them. I would miss them, I realized only in that moment. Why I didn’t thought about it before now? A part of me didn’t want to leave them. I freezed, and one of the men in black took me out from the group hug. –Miss, the departure will take place in a few hours, we need to get going.

-Sure, sure. –the thought of seeing the aliens again soon, calmed me immediately.

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