CHAPTER 3 – Third part


When I woke I was lying in a large transparent tube made of something similar to glass and I was soaking in a clear blue gel. Startled, I trashed my arms blindly seeking purchase, and I went under, losing my breath. Blood throbbed in my ears. My vision swam. Then a pair of strong arms grabbed me, and made me resurfaced. With my head out of the gel, I gasped and restarted to breath, but I was still spooked. Miral, the gentle dark haired alien that I’ve already met before in the laboratory in the desert, was there beside me, speaking in a calming voice –All is well. This is the capsule in which you will sleep during the voyage. There is no danger here, I promise. The krishnati crystal have healing qualities that will purify your body. You don’t have to be afraid, you can breathe through them without problem.

His tone had the power to slow the beating of my heart, but my brain wasn’t so easily reassured. I looked around myself and was horrified to discover that the room harbored a sea of large tubs, like the one I was in, each filled with a sparkling-clear, gel-like substance in which the other human women were floating, apparently asleep. Through the gel they appeared so pale….like zombie. A shiver of fear shook my body. There wasn’t enough air in this room for me, there wasn’t enough air in that horrible tank! -I don’t want to be locked in this tube!- I was whining, a thing I normally hated in others and never did myself, but I’ didn’t have a choice in the matter. The occasion demanded it. I didn’t have the strength to free myself, but maybe if I arouse the alien’s pity I stood a chance. Or so I thought. In reality I could have shut up for all the good it did. Miral didn’t dignify her sentence with a response, but concentrated his gaze on her eyes, robbing her of every energy. She felt her breath and pulse slow, and couldn’t stay above the surface of the gel anymore. She couldn’t combat, couldn’t talk. While the gel infiltrated her nose and her mouth her last conscious thought was of the alien with only one eye. Would he be there to greet her when she would wake? And then she began to dream…

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