A TASTE FOR THE ALIEN is a sci-fi novel  I decided to write and post here on this blog for free. The reason is simple: I’m a young Italian writer and this is the first fiction that I write directly in another language. English is not my mother language, so I will need your help to correct the many errors I will certainly do.  Your comments and grammatical suggestion will be fundamental to create a real good book, that I hope will appeal to many.

First thing first: presentations. My name is Mariachiara and I love to write strange stories, inspired by my dreams. And, believe me, my dreams can be real wacky. I’m also an avid reader and among sci-fi authors I adore Lois MacMaster Bujold. I’m also a great fan of Star trek and sci-fi movies like Serenity and The chronicles of Riddick, so after writing a chick lit, an historical romance and a fantasy novel, in italian … I finally decided to follow my love of science fiction and try to write a sci-fi novel. In Italy this genre is not very popular, so I resolve to write it in english, to reach readers that can better appreciate it.

A taste for the alien is a story about freedom, diversity and integration. But is also about domination, love and power, with a very sexy twist and so much irony. Stay tuned on this blog to read it. You can easily follow every new post pushing the follow button on the sidebar.

Enjoy, and please comment, comment, comment.


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4 risposte a FREE SCI-FI FICTION

  1. jonesjar ha detto:

    I re-worked some of the first paragraph. You can see if you like it better. It is best if you can start with some dialog even if it is with a dog.

    When the world stood still, I was frying an egg that was already giving off a tasty smell. Oliver, my overweight chocolate Labrador was throwing me pleading glances. “Sorry” I said. “I’m very hungry and so this time it’s all mine”.

    I hadn’t eaten all day. I had the table was set, the television on, but my attention was on the rumbling of my stomach so it took me a few minutes to realize that the transmission that usually accompanied my lunch had been interrupted. It was the silence that caught my attention. A moment before, the blonde actress, who played a gold digger vixen who slept with three generations of males in a wealthy family in the fashion industry, was yelling at the wife of one of the men and then nothing. I turned, and saw that on the screen, instead of two big breasted milfs in skimpy outfits, there was the image of the President of the United States, Barack Obama.

    Milfs – I don’t know this word and neither does my dictionary.

    Mi piace

    • weirde ha detto:

      Thank you this is so much better! Even while Writing in another language I still think in my Language, so the syntax suffers because of it. This is much more fluid.
      Milf is slang for a mature woman who likes to go out with younger men

      Mi piace

  2. Vesper ha detto:

    Hi Mariachiara,

    I’ve just discovered your site and I’m looking forward to reading your novel. I’ll start with the beginning… 🙂

    Mi piace


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